April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - #SAAM

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A Call To Action

Millions of children have been affected by sexual abuse, and millions more will be if things don't change. It's time to be proactive instead of reactive—to learn & practice prevention methods that protect the children in our lives. To hear from, learn from, and believe survivors of sexual abuse. And to support organizations who fight against today's most dangerous situations. These acts build a defense against sexual violence so that all kids may experience the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

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Interview with WGN Radio

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Because I Looked Into the Dark

Have you ever watched a documentary and been inspired? Maybe to change your diet, live in a tiny house, or learn how to actually recycle the right way? It recently happened to me, but what I was inspired to do involved looking deep into a realm I thought I never wanted to visit: child sexual abuse.

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