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Adult long-sleeve t-shirt: Tie Dye, 4 messages

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Shirt features

  • Each shirt design is handmade by Human Up

  • 100% of the profits from your order will be donated to Resilience

  • If a member of the Resilience Associate Board shared this campaign with you, please email me their name at so that they receive fundraising credit for your order.
  • Color: Tie Dye (limited sizes available)

  • 100% cotton

  • Classic fit, long sleeves

  • Dyed in the USA

  • No two are exactly alike

  • Wash separately

**Due to the custom nature of the shirts, orders will be made in batches and shipped as soon as they are ready. We'll do our best to get your items sent within 2-3 weeks of your order date.**

Believe survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Be open and available to hear their stories. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Acknowledge what happened is not their fault, and that they deserve to heal—it’s never too late.

Empower youth with age-appropriate conversations about body safety, consent, and sexual health. Help them create a network of at least five trusted adults who will believe and support them no matter what. Start the conversation and keep the door open.

Consent is an ongoing discussion of boundaries. It is freely given, clear, coherent, specific, and reversible. It is not to be assumed, forced, manipulated, coerced, convinced, implied, or pressured. Consent is not determined by the clothes someone is wearing, and must be given regardless of relationship status or past sexual encounters. Minors can not consent to sexual activity.

Rape culture is an environment where words, actions, and inactions normalize, trivialize, and ignore rape and sexual assault. This includes victim-blaming and the downplay of unwanted sexual advances, language, and jokes.

About the fundraiser

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and Child Abuse Prevention Month. Designed Out Of Love partnered with two small businesses, Human Up and The Colour Polka Dot for this year's aWEARness fundraiser. Each are makers of beautiful and unique hand-made items with a backdrop of social justice and community support. 


This year's profits will be donated to Resilience, an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the healing and empowerment of sexual assault survivors through non-judgmental crisis intervention counseling, individual and group trauma therapy, and medical and legal advocacy in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Resilience provides public education and institutional advocacy in order to improve the treatment of sexual assault survivors and to effect positive change in policies and public attitudes toward sexual assault.